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Australian PelicanPelicans are large water-birds with large bills capable of holding lots of fish. In fact the Australian Pelican (right) has the largest bill of any known bird in the world.


Pelicans belong to Order Pelecaniformes, Family Pelecanidae, Genus Pelecanus. There are 8 species:

  American White Pelican P. erythrorhynchos
  Australian Pelican P. conspicillatus
  Brown Pelican P. occidentalis
  Dalmation Pelican P. crispus
  Eastern or Great White Pelican P. onocrotalus
  Peruvian Pelican P. thagus
  Pink Backed Pelican P. rufescens
  Spot Billed Pelican P. philippensis

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Page last updated: 8 January, 2010