Products without explicit DNG support

These are mainly the majority of products supplied by camera manufacturers, plus a few others, of which Bibble, and DxO (for input), are probably the only important ones.

The aim of this page is to identify products whose latest version doesn't support DNG. (Even for products that do support DNG, earlier versions typically don't).

I have based this page mostly on material published on the Internet, sometimes the product-supplier's website, sometimes support forums. Some of these products may support DNG after all. And there may be significant raw-handling products that should be on this page. Please tell me of any errors or omissions so that I can correct them.

Products from camera manufacturers

Product Flow Comments
Cameras and digital backs

The majority of cameras and digital backs use proprietary raw file formats. But many cameras and digital backs use DNG as their native raw file format, or provide a user option about whether to use DNG.

(This limitation of most camera manufacturers need have relatively little impact on photographers who want to have a full DNG-based workflow. Of all the products that we need to support DNG, cameras and digital backs are the least important, because the raw files of well over 230 cameras and digital backs can be converted to DNG via software, not just from Adobe but from other sources too).

Software supplied by camera manufacturers

The majority of software supplied by camera manufacturers doesn't yet support DNG. But some camera and digital back manufacturers provide software that supports DNG, a few of them supplying their own specialised DNG Converters.

(One of the most significant reason that photographers choose not to discard their cameras' native raw files is that they may want to use the camera manufacturers' raw converters. Typically this simply means that they need to keep both formats. As the number of alternative software products increases, the products supplied by the camera manufacturers become less significant).

Canon Out From an I3A forum: "Canon Consumer Imaging Group Director Chuck Westfall ... stated that Adobe's DNG file format has excellent features for archival storage and added that Canon might consider the possibility of adding DNG support in future versions of RAW image conversion software".

Products from other companies

Product Flow Comments
Significant products
There are two cases below that matter a lot: Bibble from Bibble Labs and DxO Optics Pro (for input). The rest have mainly niche interest, and sometimes appear to be obsolescent.
Known products
Bibble Labs - Bibble In Clarification: Bibble doesn't provide generic DNG support. It supports in-camera DNG in selected cases (where they have specifically profiled the camera).
From a forum, 25 March 2006: "We have no plans to add non-native dng support. Natively written .dng files will be supported as we decide to add support for them".
This irritates some users of Bibble, both those who want a DNG-based workflow, and those who want new-camera support earlier than the Bibble team can publish the necessary upgrade to Bibble.
BreezeBrowser & BreezeBrowser Pro In These can read DNG files, and "Pro" can edit XMP metadata, but they can't do raw conversion on DNG files:
"Also displays Adobe DNG format raw files".
DxO Optics Pro In This supports DNG as an output format, but not as an input format. So it is in both pages!
Kolev RAW In "Kolev RAW by Andrej Kolev is new RAW conversion software for digital cameras". No general DNG support, but it supports the Leica DMR back which uses DNG. Also (14 March 2009): "Added initial support for loading linear DNG files. Sigma DP1 & SD14 images (converted to DNG) can be loaded now".
Rawzor In Out "Rawzor compresses camera raw images with absolutely no change in image quality or the original raw file". Forum: "I am right now working on adding support for the native camera formats that I missed earlier (like canon's sraw, sony's craw and few more). Will be looking at DNG and mac/linux after that."
Scarab Labs Scarab Darkroom (Beta) In "Scarab Darkroom is a new digital camera raw file converter that supports most DSLR-s from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony". No mention of DNG on the site.

Apparently dead

Some products appear to be obsolete or inaccessible. They don't support DNG, but perhaps they don't support anything else either! They have been removed from the above table, and are archived here in case anyone wants to investigate them.

Product Flow Comments
Bellamax - UpShot In "UpShot is a breakthrough photo-editing product". From a forum, 05 June 2006: "... as far as .dng files go, we do not support them now, but we plan to with our July release". But no evidence of that yet.
Dalibor Jelinek - Dalifer In Dalifer's very limited DNG support isn't enough:
Dalifer is a little but powerful utility targeted on the users of Minolta digital cameras. From a forum: "Those profiles are written in the DNG file when you convert MRW to DNG. So I planned to use them". What's new in version 1.5: "Dalifer can display the thumbnails of the Adobe DNG files and it can display the new special DNG tags as well".
mat trudel - dcraw patch to enable DNG output Out This website has been inaccessible. Therefore this product has been removed from "Products that support DNG in some way":
"I finally sat down and wrote a patch for the most excellent dcraw program to output DNG, so that Photoshop can properly import my raw photos using the ACR plugin".
Microsoft - Digital Image Suite 2006 In "... features help you organize, creatively enhance and share your pictures with the world". No hint about DNG.
Opanda - IExif In "Opanda IExif is a professional Exif viewer in Windows / IE / Firefox, From a photographer's eye, It displays the image taken from digital camera and every item of EXIF data in the image from beginning to end". No mention of DNG.
PhotoTeKNiK - Imageduster Pro In "ImageDuster - Pro was written as a direct result of needing to process many images which had significant amounts of dust evident on the sensor.... Support for Adobe DNG (Digital Negative files) is scheduled for late October".
Pixel image editor In "Pixel is a RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching, graphics manipulating and animation program available for many operating systems formerly known as Pixel32". From a forum: "Right now DNG should open, but maybe not in full resolution". (Support is not confirmed, although since it uses dcraw, it is possible that it does).
PixVue In Image organiser and metadata viewer. No hint about DNG.
Raw Magick In From a forum: "RAWMagick does not support non-native DNG". There is no mention of plans to support DNG. (Has Raw Magick ceased development?)

Topics that need further investigation

This is a catch-all section of topics (which may include products) where I'm not sure whether they are within the scope of these DNG pages. The quotes below come from the web site concerned: