Products that support DNG in some way

The substantive content of this page was frozen by 27 September 2011.

In February 2005 and April 2005, Pierre-Etienne Courtejoie posted lists of non-Adobe products that supported DNG to the Rawformat website. I responded with more products that I had discovered, guessing that Pierre might add them to a later list.

The Rawformat website decayed, and Pierre was busy, so about August 2005 I rescued his lists and re-published them as a possibly temporary page on my website. I have evolved that list since then to show to people who claim that DNG is only supported by Adobe. That list of "Products that support DNG in some way", (reformatted as this page in May 2006), is probably my most-referenced page.

I continued to develop this page until the end of 2010. On each anniversary of the launch of DNG, (which was on 27 September 2004), I "archived" a copy of the page in order to show progress. Here are all those archived pages:

These pages identify over 290 non-Adobe products that support DNG in some way, from well over 250 sources.

The aim of this page was to identify non-Adobe products whose latest versions claim to support DNG in some way. (With the exception of products that came into existence supporting DNG, earlier versions typically don't support it).

I based this page mostly on the product-supplier's website, sometimes on support forums, and sometimes on private communication. Some of the sections are ill-defined, but each product has been put into only one section to avoid the risk of double-counting.

I have now ceased development of this page. The reason is "diminishing returns". Pretty well everyone who matters knows about DNG, my list contained nearly 300 products from over 250 suppliers who support DNG, and DNG is undergoing the process of becoming a international standard. Instead of being something novel that has to be justified to antagonists and doubters, it is part of the environment of digital photography.

Each of the above archived pages is structured round the following categories of products: