Adobe products that support DNG

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Product Flow Comments XMP
After Effects In Supported file formats in After Effects (7.x): "Camera raw (... .dng ...)".  

DNG Converter

In Out This both reads and writes DNG files. It is one of the main ways of creating DNG files. In 3.2 it provided a command line interface, permitting it to be used as a component within other products. Yes
Adobe Lens Profile Creator In This uses an "image set" of DNG files to create the lens correction profile for a given lens.  
DNG Profile Editor (beta) In The new color rendering package contains the following components: the DNG 1.2 specification, which expands and formalizes the concept of a color profile for raw (i.e., scene-referred) image data captured by digital sensors ... DNG Profile Editor, a free software utility for editing camera profiles.  
DNG SDK In Out "The DNG SDK [Software Development Kit] provides support for reading and writing DNG files as well as support for converting DNG data into a format easily displayed or processed by imaging applications. This SDK can serve as a starting point for adding DNG support to existing applications that use and manipulate images or as an aid to adding DNG support within cameras". (It includes a binary distribution of the Adobe XMP SDK). Yes
DNG WIC Codec for Vista In Out DNG WIC Codec for Vista released by Adobe Labs. (Release candidate).  
Lightroom In Out "Adobe® Lightroom™ is the efficient new way for professional photographers to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images". Yes
Photoshop & Bridge + ACR In Out DNG was introduced with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) 2.3, running under Photoshop CS (but ACR 2.4 should be used). With ACR 3.x, running under CS2, DNG became the native raw format for ACR, holding settings as well as the raw data. Yes
Photoshop Elements + ACR In Out DNG was introduced with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) running under Photoshop Elements 3.0, and later 4.0 & 5.0 & 6.0. Yes
Premiere Elements + ACR In Premiere Elements can use ACR to read raw files, including DNG.