DNG support, to end-September 2005

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History of products using DNG in the 1st year

DNG was launched on 27 September 2004. This page lists products that first supported DNG in some form during the first year. (Other pages list products that supported DNG during the first few months, and products that first supported DNG in some form by the end of the 2nd year).

In the table below, there are about 77 non-Adobe products that support DNG in some way, from more than 75 companies.

I have personal experience of few of these products. Some of the information here is probably just plain wrong! John Beardsworth proposed some categories for the degree of DNG support, and suggested that there is probably value in indicating whether these products support XMP within DNG. So far, I've just indicated whether the product appears to have some "XMP within DNG" support, with the details on another page.

Product Flow Comments XMP
Photoshop & Bridge + ACR In Out DNG was introduced with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) 2.3, running under Photoshop CS (but ACR 2.4 should be used). With ACR 3.x, running under CS2, DNG became the native raw format for ACR, holding settings as well as the raw data. Yes
Photoshop Elements + ACR In Out DNG was introduced with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) running under Photoshop Elements 3.0 Yes

DNG Converter

In Out This both reads and writes DNG files. It is one of the main ways of creating DNG files. In 3.2 it provided a command line interface, permitting it to be used as a component within other products. Yes
Cameras & digital backs
Hasselblad-Imacon - H2D digital SLR Out Combined body and back, hence a genuine digital SLR camera.  
Hasselblad-Imacon - Ixpress CFH digital back Out For: Hasselblad H2; all view cameras via Hasselblad H system adapter.  
Hasselblad-Imacon - Ixpress CF digital back (2 models) Out Camera support via i-adapters. Hasselblad H system and V system, Rollei 600X and AF, Contax 645AF, Mamiya 645 Pro, 645 AFD, RB and RZ67, Fuji GX680I/II/III. All view cameras via Hasselblad adapter. Horeseman DigiFlex II and PrecisionWide 35 via Hasselblad adapter.  
Leica - Digital-Modul-R digital back Out For Leica R8 & R9 cameras (originally released with 35mm backs).  
Ricoh - GR Digital Out Availability is promised for October 2005, beyond the date limit for this page. But it was announced within the first year, with sample images (not DNG) on the web, so it is real enough to have a mention! Especially because, as a small point-and-shoot camera, it is a novel user of DNG.  
Samsung - PRO815 Out "Image fixe : RAW(DNG), TIFF, JPEG (DCF), EXIF 2.2, DPOF 1.1".  

dcraw + dcraw.exe build & MacOS X build + Archive for the 'dcraw' Category + DCRAW For Delphi + DCRAW2PS GUI


Dave Coffin: "So here is my mission: Write and maintain an ANSI C program that decodes any raw image from any digital camera on any computer running any operating system". (This includes DNG).

dcraw is used by lots of other products!

It is hard to know how many of them therefore support DNG, perhaps without knowing they do so. Or how many simply need to take a later version of the code.

Raw Converters
cPicture + RAW plug-in In "cPicture is a modern software to support your digital picture workflow". "The Raw plug-in uses DCRAW library".  
DxO Optics Pro Out "Does DxO Optics Pro support Adobe® Digital Negative (DNG) file format?" "Yes, since version 2.2 supports Adobe DNG as output file format".  
Hasselblad-Imacon - Flexcolor In Out Hasselblad and Imacon merged in 2004. The combined company supplies a variety of medium format cameras and digital backs for medium format cameras and view cameras. Flexcolor is (inter alia) their Raw processor.  
Helicon filters In "Helicon Filter does not loose information during the whole workflow (16 bit instead of usual the 8 bit per channel). It supports all RAW file types, 48 bit TIFFs, the new DNG format, lossless JPEG 2000 and many others".  
Iridient Digital - Raw Developer In "RAW Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed specifically for Mac OS X. RAW Developer supports nearly all digital cameras that are capable of producing RAW image files as well as Adobe's DNG file format".  
Lasersoft Silverfast - DC VLT, DCPro Studio, DCPro In "For all listed cameras SilverFast also fully supports Adobe DNG as an input format. If a camera is not listed as supported, it might occur that not all camera information present in the DNG file can be made use of. Still, such DNG files can of course be read by SilverFast".  
Logical Designs - SharpRaw In "SharpRaw is the only software product to use Neural Network technology to perform interpolation of raw data files to produce the highest possible resolution with the lowest noise.... Pro Version now supports the Adobe Digital Negative".  
Pixmantec - Rawshooter Essentials In

"Support for more than 50 camera RAW formats including Adobe Digital Negative Specification (DNG)". Initially, DNG is supported for cameras that it already supports via their proprietary raw files. (Corel Paint Shop Pro X now ships with Rawshooter Essentials included).

Raw PhotoDesk In "RAW PhotoDesk for Windows allows you to view, edit and convert both raw and other file formats from many different digital cameras. RAW PhotoDesk will read Adobe's Digital Negative (DNG) format".  

Ichikawa Soft Laboratory - SILKYPIX® Developer Studio

In "SILKYPIX® Developer Studio corresponds to the DNG (Digital Negative) issued by Adobe Systems Incorporated, which is one RAW data standard". (Supports DNGs for at least some cameras whose native raws it doesn't support. There are some limitations).  
Viewers & Image Managers
AccuSoft Corporation - ImageGear In

"ImageGear® is the industry standard for high-performance imaging solutions". RAW File Format ... AccuSoft introduces support in ImageGear 14.5 for RAW files used in over 70 different cameras ... as well as the Adobe DNG and TIFF/EP formats". (The ImageGear toolkit is also used by Paint Shop Pro X).

ApoliSoft - MCataloguer In "A ... multilingual and multi-level categories supported, multipurpose cataloging program. ... Creates or extracts thumbnails for image or digi-photo raw files, saves in ajustable size from 64x64 to 128x128 pixel. Supports following image formats: ... And these raw formats: ... .dng".  
BreezeBrowser & BreezeBrowser Pro In "Also displays Adobe DNG format raw files".  
Cerious Thumbs Plus + Digicam Raw Plug-in In ThumbsPlus Digicam Raw Plug-in: "Version 1.5 includes ... Support for Adobe DNG (Digital NeGative) images".  
Canto Cumulus + Photo Suite In "Canto Cumulus is a powerful digital asset management system for all organisations where effective workflow management and asset control is paramount. ... Cumulus Product Suite has a number of add-ons, called Options ... Photo Suite ... From v6.5+ Cumulus supports Adobe's DNG format". (They appear to have sold the single-user version to MediaDex).  
CMS Products - copy2go-Xpress In "copy2go-Xpress software serves as a content manager by providing a digital bridge between a portable or desktop computer running the Windows 2000/XP operating system and a wide array of storage devices.... Popular file types include: Digital photos ... DNG".  
dpMagic Plus In "With dpMagic Plus you can preview RAW images as thumbnails or in full screen viewer, execute slideshow, view histogram and much more. Supports Adobe Digital Negative File (DNG)".  

DIMIN - Viewer


"View images in countless formats, and apply a variety of effects with this small, fast, and powerful application". Formats. Adobe Digital Negative using the DCRAW Codec (div5_dcraw.dll).

Extensis Portfolio In "File Format Support". Yes
FastStone - Image Viewer In "New Features in Version 2.25 Beta: Enhance digital camera RAW support; Add four RAW format support: - DNG (Adobe Digital Negative)".  

HexCat - ViewIt

In ViewIt is a shareware, OS X native, fast and easy to use image viewer that supports most popular image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD , RAW, DNG, animated GIF and more.  
idImager In "idImager is a full featured image viewer and organizer with additional options to create thumbnail galleries from your collections ... Version history ... v ... Supporting all new camera types, including full size DNG support". Yes
ImageConverter Plus In "People always prefer using natural things. Basing on our 10 year experience we're now providing you with the first natural image converter. Image Converter Plus - a natural for image conversion. File Formats ... DNG (Digital Negative)"  
IrfanView In "Available PlugIns and current versions .... FORMATS - (version 3.97): allows IrfanView to read some rare image formats ... DNG ..."  

IOSPIRIT - Picture Arena

In "150 cameras plus Adobe DNG".  
iView MediaPro In A "media management, presentation, editing, publishing and cataloging application.... Import ... Still Images ... Digital Camera Raw formats: Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) ..." Yes
KavaSoft - Shoebox In Photo organiser and viewer. "Supports lots of image formats ... RAW, DNG ...".  
Photodex - ProShow Producer In "Software for Professional Slide Show Creation. ... Supported Input Formats ... .DNG Adobe Digital Negative".  
Photools - IMatch In "IMatch makes it easy to view, edit and organize your digital image collection.... Digital Camera RAW Formats ... Adobe DNG ... IMatch fully supports loading and displaying XMP information from .XMP sidecar files and embedded XMP data in ... DNG ...." Yes
PicaJet In "Instantly organize thousands of photos automatically". History: "Added Adobe DNG files support".  
Polybytes - PolyView + PolyImagePro & PolyImage2 In "PolyView is our fast and powerful image viewer, conversion, and printing utility.... The following summarizes the feature set of the PolyImage2 and PolyImagePro library components: Image Types Supported Adobe Digital NeGative (DNG) (Read Only) ..."  
through-the-lens - Rawview In "RawView is an extremely small Java program which allows you to view a variety of raw-files from digital cameras and batch convert the images to JPEGs".  
Xequte Software - MegaView In "MegaView is a comprehensive picture viewer and media player that supports all common image, multimedia, text, web and Office formats.... Supported Formats ... Raw Camera Files ... Digital Negative Format (*.dng) ..."  
XnView In

Free graphics viewer. Forum: "Yes DNG is supported".

Tools, utilities, and components
Apex Internet Software - TIFFProp In "This TIFF tag viewer allows ready inspection of the data structure of TIFF files.... Recognized field names include those of TIFF-EP, TIFF/IT, Adobe DNG, and TIFF-FX".  
DIM (Digital Image Mover) In "DIM ... copies files from your camera's memory card to a destination directory determined by your storage scheme". (Forum: If you want to extract the timestamp (or other info) from inside the file, it supports jpg, tiff, crw, dng, cr2, nef and any other format with and "immediate" EXIF header").  


In "exifprobe" is a camera image file probe. Exifprobe reads image files produced by digital cameras ... and reports the structure of the files and the auxilliary data and metadata contained within them.... the program understands several formats which may contain "raw" camera data, including ... DNG.
Raw file formats are analysed for: TIFF & TIFF- derived "raw"; Other "raw" formats.
Exiftool (Or Exiftool)

In Out

"ExifTool provides an extensible set of perl modules to read and write meta information in image files. It reads ... DNG (Digital Negative) images.... It writes ... DNG files.... Reads ... XMP ... Writes ... XMP ...". Yes
HiComponents - ImageEn, IEvolution, ImageEn ActiveX In "ImageEn is a component suite for image processing, viewing and analysis.... ImageEn allow you to include professional graphics software features in your applications. plugins: Camera RAW reader based on DCRAW v. 1.285 (support almost Camera RAW formats and DNG)"  

Imagero - Reader

In "Imagero Reader is in Java written library for reading of image files.... DNG: Full resolution image can't be yet read, but thumbnail, preview and metadata can be read. Also: "EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata editing". Yes
JHOVE In JHOVE - JSTOR/Harvard Object Validation Environment. "JHOVE provides functions to perform format-specific identification, validation, and characterization of digital objects. Coverage ... The TIFF-hul module recognizes and validates the following public profiles: ... DNG (Adobe Digital Negative)".  
LibTIFF In "TIFF Library and Utilities: ... a library, libtiff, for reading and writing TIFF, a small collection of tools for doing simple manipulations of TIFF images on UNIX systems ... Current Version: v3.7.3 ... Added support for all DNG tags".  

Pixify Imaging Solutions

In "Java imaging solutions include image viewers and class libraries that support ... DNG ....". (This is hard to verify, but DMOZ states this too).  
raw2dng, raw2dngw Out These are examples of private projects that convert the raw files for otherwise-unsupported cameras, including hacked cameras, into DNG. A search for raw2dng will find others. (Previously, such projects tended to fake NEF files, shown by a search for raw2nef, but converting to DNG is far better).  
Scarabée Software - Siren Renamer In "Siren renames in mass files based on an expression you've written ... every information associated to a file can be used ... Information extracted from files: ... Raw image: ... dng".  
Others, including combined raw converters & editors

PictureFlow - Archive Creator

In Out?

"Archive Creator (AC) is a Windows based program that is designed to simplify the task of archiving large groups of files to CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW". Supported Image File Types: Formats Supported (in most but not all cases) ... Adobe Digital NeGative (DNG) ...".


CameraBits - Photo Mechanic

In Out

This is an image browser. Photo Mechanic Version 4.4: "Photo Mechanic can embed IPTC and/or XMP data in TIFF-based RAW formats, including ... and Adobe DNG". Yes
CinePaint In By email: "CinePaint ... one of the open source applications supporting 16-bit DNG and camera RAW since at least last summer 2005 officially (version 0.19-1)".  
CoolUtils - Total Image Converter In "Total Image Converter allows you to take an image and create a new one with a different size or format, or perform the task for huge batches of graphic files with one click". Complete list of supported cameras: ... DNG ...".  

DK Software - PhoA


Free photo album and image cataloguing software. Supported file formats: Adobe Digital Negative images (*.dng).

FotoTime - FotoAlbum In Organise, Search, Import, Slideshows, etc. "Added support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) file format".  

Jobo - Giga Vu PRO, mobile hard drive

In Out Needs 1.0.5. firmware upgrade  
Holocore - PictureSync In "PictureSync is a ... utility that simplifies batch uploading your photographs ... to online services, - directly from your image-management application or files, whilst preserving your own valuable annotations and metadata". "... version history ... XMP import, enhanced IPTC import (DNG and TIFF); uses ExifTool ... RAW import (CRW, CR2, NEF, DNG)".  

H&M Software - StudioLine Photo & StudioLine Photo 2

In "StudioLine Photo is an easy-to-use solution for managing and editing digital image collections. Import images in DNG format. Use the filter "RAW Settings" to optimize the image processing of RAW and DNG formats, if the settings specific to your camera model are not to your satisfaction".  
ImageMagick Studio - ImageMagick In "ImageMagick® ... is a free software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. ... Supported Image Formats ... DNG".  



"Konvertor is a multimedia viewer/converter supporting conversion among 1084 image, animation, audio, video and text formats quickly and easily". Main supported graphic formats: DNG Adobe Digital NegGative.


LemkeSoft - GraphicConverter X/Classic


"GraphicConverter X/Classic converts pictures to different formats. Also it contains many useful features for picture manipulation". http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/gcabout_formats.htm. (Supports DNGs for at least some cameras whose native raws it doesn't support).

MediaDex - MediaDex Pro In This is a single-user Digital Asset Management package acquired from Canto. PDF: "MediaDex Professional - List of full supported RAW formats ... Adobe Digital Negative (DNG)".  
PhotoLine 32 In "Image editing software for Windows/MacOS.... This library lists plenty of cameras that are supported.... But we will show the list here to give you a chance to check your own camera. Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) ..."  
ProFotoSoftware - PFS Batch Processor Pro In This provides raw conversion and image adjustments. "Supported RAW Formats (Pro version only): Adobe DNG ...".  
Proshooters DigitalPro In This is a photo browser. This was in the rawformat list at the end of April 2005. The documentation for the product doesn't appear to mention DNG. However, there is a Rob Galbraith statement "New format support. ... and Adobe DNG are added to the list of viewable formats (with limitations)".  
ReaSoft Development - ReaConverter In Features: "ReaConverter makes image conversion and oft-recurring picture editing simple for you.... With ReaConverter 4, you will be able to convert from: ... Digital cameras raw images: ... DNG ... to: ...".  
Samsung - Digimax Master In This is software packaged with the Samsung PRO815 camera. It can read and process the DNG files output by the camera.  

Tidalwave - blueMarine

In Open source application for photo workflow. "v0.8.5 released ... preliminary DNG support (Adobe Digital Negative)"  

Where Is It? + Digital Camera Raw Files Thumbnails Plugin


Where Is It? is cataloging software. DNG can be supported by the Digital Camera Raw Files Thumbnails Plugin, a wrapper around Dave Coffin's dcraw.c project, capable of decoding raw photos from many different types of digital camera, including DNG.


Hamrick Software - VueScan

In "What's new in version 8.2.02 ... Added support for Adobe DNG raw digital camera files".  
Operating systems - thumbnails, etc
Mac Tiger - Preview In Preview is a viewing application included in Apple's Mac OS X Tiger.  
Windows XP - via registry In

This is how to do it for NEF files. Thomas Knoll responded that this would probably work with DNG too - 'Just change ".nef" to ".dng"'.

photobase (Australia) Out "Photobase offers a professional file handling service for photographers that shoot digital.... Digital File Handling Services include: ... Convert to DNG (Digital Negative)".  
Visual Vacations Photography In Out "Visual Vacations Photography offers a variety of high quality professional photographic services ... Term And Conditions ... Purchased images delivered in any digital image format (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, DNG, etc.) may be used ...".