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10th November 2003

Catholic Church and bizarre statements about contraception

Sometimes organisations issue statements that defy belief. See this, from Bishop Victor Galeone!

Since God fashioned our bodies male and female to communicate both life and love, every time that husband and wife deliberately frustrate this twofold purpose through contraception, they are acting out a lie. The body language of the marital act says, "I'm all yours," but the contraceptive device adds, "except for my fertility".

Bishop Victor Galeone

"These latest developments are mere symptoms of a vastly more serious disorder. Until the taproot of that disorder is cut, I fear that we will continue to reap the fruit of failed marriages and worsening sexual behaviour at every level of society. The disorder? Contraception... ".

He went on: "Worse still, how can one justify a husband having a surgeon clip his robust vocal cords, or a wife having her healthy eardrums surgically removed? Yet in the area of sexual communication, how do such horrific examples differ from a vasectomy or a tubal ligation?"

Gosh! How did we fail to see that contraception was like having your vocal chords destroyed or your ears destroyed? Isn't it obvious when it is explained to us?

"When Spouses Speak the Truth With Their Bodies", Bishop Victor Galeone on God's Plan for Marriage

19th November 2003

Catholic Church's contraceptive policies encourage the spread of AIDS

It is useful to insert this item into the series of items on progress with male contraceptives. It supplements the item of 10th November about the Catholic Church's weird comparisons about contraception.

The Catholic Church is telling people in countries stricken by Aids not to use condoms because they have tiny holes in them through which HIV can pass. This is potentially exposing thousands of people to risk. The church is making the claims across four continents despite a widespread scientific consensus that condoms are impermeable to HIV.

These incorrect statements about condoms and HIV are dangerous when we are facing a global pandemic which has already killed more than 20 million people, and currently affects at least 42 million. 

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation says "consistent and correct" condom use reduces the risk of HIV infection by 90%. There may be breakage or slippage of condoms - but not, the WHO says, holes through which the virus can pass. Scientific research by a group including the US National Institutes of Health and the WHO found:

"intact condoms... are essentially impermeable to particles the size of STD pathogens including the smallest sexually transmitted virus... condoms provide a highly effective barrier to transmission of particles of similar size to those of the smallest STD viruses".

Says an Italian priest who has lived in Brazil for the last 22 years:

"AIDS is a world epidemic, a public health problem that must be confronted with scientific advances and methods that have proven effective. Rejecting condom use is to oppose the fight for life".

In Lwak, near Lake Victoria, the director of an Aids testing centre says he cannot distribute condoms because of church opposition. Gordon Wambi told the BBC:

"Some priests have even been saying that condoms are laced with HIV/Aids."

The BBC found the claims about permeable condoms repeated by Catholics as far apart as Asia and Latin America. Father Valeriano Paitoni says the Catholic Church will see itself forced once again to ask for humanity's forgiveness for the errors committed with respect to AIDS, just as it had to in the cases of the indigenous and Afro-Brazilian populations.

BBC, Short criticises Vatican over Aids fight
IGC News Desk, Mario Osava, Ban on Condom Use Divides Catholic Church
BBC, Church rejects plea on condoms
Guardian, Steve Bradshaw, Vatican: condoms don't stop Aids, HIV/Aids: Catholic Church in Condom Palaver
bloggy, Catholic Church: Condoms are useless against AIDS

2nd December 2003

Rebel priests tell Catholics - take the pill

No personal or social circumstances could ever, can now or will ever render such an act (using contraception) lawful in itself. 

Pope John Paul II

Strictly speaking, I should be discouraging you from using contraception. But you're facing a reality and it's called "the fifth child" and you don't want six. 

Priest at a church in Hackney

I can't find anything in the 10 commandments or the beatitudes ... where God has said, "If you dare to use a contraceptive you will be damned". 

A priest from the East End of London

Your marriage comes before birth control or no birth control. 

A priest from north London

There is no black and white any more. It's all grey. It would be hypocritical of me to stand here and say, "This is what you have got to do". 

A priest from Liverpool

These quotes from the Sunday Times say it all. The Pope has lost the plot. He is out of touch with the Bible, and with the Real World. But that can be said for pretty well everything the Catholic Church says about contraceptives!

Roman Catholic priests are privately advising parishioners that the use of artificial contraception is acceptable, in defiance of the Pope's view that such methods are "intrinsically evil". The English Catholic Church is under pressure from the Vatican for its liberal views. The revelation that priests have cast aside teachings on sexual ethics could cause a controversy within the church similar to the Anglican split over homosexuality.

The Sunday Times approached 14 priests at random. Eight of them in England and Scotland were willing to advise that it would not be sinful to consider using contraception. The English were more liberal than the Scots. During similar conversations in London, Liverpool, Warrington, and Manchester, the reporter was given further encouragement to follow his conscience.

Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, who is in charge of the Vatican's family policy, has caused further controversy by suggesting that condoms do not prevent Aids. The World Health Organisation claims: "These incorrect statements about condoms and HIV are dangerous when we are facing a global pandemic which has already killed more than 20m people and currently affects at least 42m people". See also Blogs for 10th November 2003 & 19th November 2003.

14th January 2004

Some sense from a senior Catholic on condoms

When someone is HIV positive and his partner says 'I want to have sexual relations with you', he doesn't have to do that, if you ask me. But, when he does, he has to use a condom. 

Cardinal Godfried Danneels

A Belgian cardinal, who is among the leading candidates to succeed Pope John Paul, yesterday broke the Roman Catholic church's taboo on the use of condoms, declaring that, in certain circumstances, they should be used to prevent the spread of Aids.... But he added that if someone who was HIV-positive did have sex, failing to use a condom would be sinful - a contravention of the sixth commandment: thou shalt not kill.

3rd July 2005

Live 8, condoms, and the Catholic Church

He represents the hardline, fundamentalist strand of Catholicism; opposing condoms to prevent the spread of HIV, rejecting women's rights, denouncing fertility treatment for childless couples, and endorsing state-sanctioned discrimination against gay people. 

Peter Tatchell of OutRage!

But the Pope ... has given no indication that he intends to soften the Vatican's pro-life position one iota, even in Africa, where the World Health Organization says the use of condoms is the most effective means of halting the pandemic of HIV/AIDS. 

Agence France Presse

Live 8 was a reminder of previous topics in this blog: the harm of the Catholic Church's attitude towards the use of condoms, and the need for change. Even some in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church know the current policy is wrong. Apparently, many at ground level ignore the policy. Unfortunately, the new Pope, when he was "Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith", took at least as a hard a line as Pope John Paul II.

Previous blog topics here included: "Catholic Church and bizarre statements about contraception"; "Catholic Church's contraceptive policies encourage the spread of AIDS"; "Rebel priests tell Catholics - take the pill"; and "Some sense from a senior Catholic on condoms". They provide various links, which won't be repeated here.

A Google search will show plenty of other material condemning the Catholic Church's attitude, especially in the context of Live 8. Child Support Analysis holds that the Catholic Church's policy about contraception in general is harmful, and in the context of AIDS, especially in Africa, is lethal. It is time for change, even it has to be in the form of widespread ignoring of the policy.

2nd August 2005

Catholic order pledges more child support for cleric's 12-year-old

Whittier, California. Could it happen here?

He had a child. Then he took a vow of poverty. So the child support assessment was low! Now the catholic order that accepted him has agreed to help support a disabled child.

A Roman Catholic religious order that had until now refused to increase child support payments for a boy fathered by one of its priests pledged Wednesday to provide additional financial support and counseling for the 12-year-old.

Father Thomas Picton, who heads the Denver Province of the Redemptorists, said he would also encourage the Whittier priest, Arturo Uribe, to get counseling to learn how to be a proper father.

This month, Stephanie Collopy, the boy's mother, fought unsuccessfully in court for increased child support payments from Uribe. She argued that, as an unemployed single parent of a child with chronic asthma and other health problems, she needed more than the court-ordered $323 a month paid by the Redemptorists. She also asked that Uribe be ordered to provide health insurance for the boy. The judge ruled that because Uribe had taken a vow of poverty - he receives a monthly allowance of $100 plus room, board and the use of a car - he could not be ordered to pay more child support....

After learning that she was pregnant, Collopy tried various methods to get Uribe or his superiors to provide adequate child support. In 1992, she sued the Archdiocese of Portland and the Redemptorists for $200,000, alleging that Uribe breached his fiduciary duty as someone who "performed pastoral duties for the archdiocese."

Under the direction of Portland's archbishop at the time, William J. Levada, church attorneys tried to get the suit dismissed in 1994 on several grounds. In a motion, they argued that the "birth of the plaintiff's child and the resultant expenses ... are the result of the plaintiff's own negligence" because she engaged in "unprotected intercourse."

Levada, now in his final month as the archbishop of San Francisco, was recently named head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a Vatican position that makes him chief guardian of Roman Catholic doctrine worldwide. That position was previously held by Cardinal Joseph A. Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

17th January 2006

Another US mother sues for child support from a priest!

It was reported here in August 2005 that a mother managed to get child support from a Catholic order in the US. Now another such case has hit the headlines there:

"When a sad twist of fate reunited Sandra Ring with her former high school sweetheart in 2003, it seemed to prove to the heartbroken Canadian that God works in mysterious ways. Ring's one-time sweetheart Jason Martin was a Roman Catholic priest.

"Within seven months, Martin vowed to leave the priesthood, proposed marriage and fathered a son, according to allegations in a lawsuit that Ring filed in a Canadian court. But in July 2004, Martin's religious order, the Discalced Carmelite Friars, transferred him to Chicago, where he now recruits candidates in the Midwest. Ring sued Martin, 33, and the Carmelites for child support. "In essence he played house and decided he liked priest life better," said Ring, 32, of Ingersoll, Ontario. "And the church is protecting him without any regard for [his son]."

"According to the lawsuit, he proposed marriage, implored her to stop using birth control and insisted that the son from her previous marriage call him "Daddy." A wedding date was set for Aug. 28, 2004, the lawsuit said. But on July 7, 2004, Ring said Martin had a change of heart and ended the engagement.... Ring said she learned she was pregnant two weeks later."

22 April 2006

Some sense from a Cardinal about condoms and AIDS

Not for the first time, a senior person in the Catholic Church has seen the wisdom of not risking the spread of AIDS through unrealistic policies. He is defying official policy, of course.

Cardinal Martini, the 79-year-old former Archbishop of Milan, said that in the fight against Aids "the use of condoms could be construed, in certain situations, as a lesser evil." He also said spouses who had contracted Aids should use protection to save their partners from being infected.

In contrast, the Pope has said: "The Church advises chastity as the only safe way to fight Aids." He has also said that the use of condoms is "technically possible, but morally inadmissible".

Telegraph, "Vatican liberal backs condoms to fight Aids", Malcolm Moore

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