Objectionable Christian behaviour in the UK

There are a disproportionate number of objectionable incidents in the UK related to Islam. Perhaps unenlightened, hateful, and/or intolerant Muslims are more likely to cause problems for others than unenlightened, hateful, and/or intolerant Christians. Or perhaps a higher proportion (albeit still a minority) of Muslims are unenlightened, hateful, and/or intolerant. Or both.

But it was a Christian campaign (the Keep Sunday Special campaign) that provided my first "wake up call". I suddenly realised that people whose beliefs I didn't share were trying to make me conform to their rules! Christianity and Islam are currently both among the forces that I believe are most objectionable in the UK.

I believe the world would be better off without these delusional doctrines, but it is unrealistic to expect that this will happen in the 21st Century. Instead:

I want Christians to act on the basis that Christianity is a hobby, deserving no rights or privileges or special considerations other than those available to other hobbies.

Vocal (although largely powerless) organisations

(It was tempting to include the Church of England under this heading!)

These people have the right of free speech. I am not suggesting they should be banned. Unfortunately they tend not to agree with freedom of speech themselves!

Keep Sunday Special

Keep Sunday Special | Wikipedia: Keep Sunday Special

Christian Voice

Christian Voice | Wikipedia: Christian Voice

Christian Vision for Men

Christian Vision for Men | Wikipedia: Christian Vision for Men

Things to object to

This is just a start.

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