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Work in progress

These are photographs waiting for a place in proper galleries. They may be experiments, or be recently processed photographs. They will be placed in galleries when they can make up balanced sets of 5.
This could become a "Seen in Ecuador" gallery. A market in a town in the Andes in Ecuador 2 girls in a town in the Andes in Ecuador A family in a town in the Andes in Ecuador Ecuador countryside, taken from the top of a coach on the Devil's Nose Railway
Potential additions to the "Seen in China" gallery. Child in historical clothes, Forbidden City, Beijing Street musician, China Man gesticulating in China The Forbidden City, Beijing, China
  2-lane 5-stage ship-lock, at the Yangtze Dam      
This could become a "Seen in Kenya" gallery. Two children, Kenya    
This could become a "Seen in South East Asia" gallery. Group of girls Girl, Sri Lanka    
These will be added to country-galleries, etc, where relevant. Land Iguana Blue-footed Booby Brown Pelican, West Coast of California Oasis Casino, Las Vegas
Perhaps these should be in the "Landscape and light" gallery. Composite of flamingos from Kenya and sunset from the Galapagos Islands Windpump in Malta West Coast of USA  
This could become a "Seen in India" gallery. Taj Mahal, Agra Girl in India    
These are really "miscellaneous"! Zoom onto a stained glass window of a church Climber abseiling at The Roaches, Derbyshire    
These are likely to be additions to the "Glamour and figure" gallery. Vicky Powell and Louise Parker Oasis Casino, Las Vegas    
Page last updated: 7 January, 2010