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I have long been an atheist. I don't believe any god(s) exist. Neither do I believe prayer has any special powers, that miracles happen, nor that anyone has any form of afterlife.

I agree with the subtitle of a Christopher Hitchens book: "religion poisons everything". In small quantities, it may hinder people's capability for rational thinking. Once critical mass is reached, it leads to interference with people who don't share its beliefs. In large quantities, it can be barbaric, sometimes responsible for appalling abuse and atrocities.

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Here is an introduction to my views on these topics, combined with another index to the rest of the pages below:

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Simple topics

How to convert an atheist

Most conversion material insults our intelligence. Authors typically don't try to understand how individual atheists think and so use irrelevant arguments, they often use fallacious logic, and they rarely provide suitable evidence. This is an attempt to help such authors avoid insulting the intelligence of atheists in future.

This is a 6-page framework, starting here:

Fire and Brimstone

Here are the other 5 pages:


Islam is toxic. When present in small numbers of people it contaminates their minds. When present in sufficient numbers, it additionally poses national, regional, or global threats. It seeks to protect itself from criticism by threats and acts of violence, special pleading, and by creating laws in its favour.

Here is the background to these problems, and another index to the other pages here about Islam:

Islam - summary and index

Here are those other pages:

Wall Ornament in Birmingham Cathedral


After I realised I was an atheist, I assumed that I could safely ignore religions. But it was a Christian campaign (the Keep Sunday Special campaign) that provided my first "wake up call". I suddenly realised that people whose beliefs I didn't share were trying to make me conform to their rules!


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