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To come ...

More galleries will be added. More photographs will be added to existing galleries. Some articles and papers will be added. Photographs I am no longer satisfied with will be removed.

Blog version 1 - July 2011

There is now a blog:

Edition 24 - January 2010

Galleries from my lapsed "Birds and Animals" website were copied to this website and published.

Rolling edition 23 - November 2009

I am giving this website a major facelift. The Home page, a new galleries page, and several other pages such as this one, are being styled in various shades of dark grey and black, with a fixed width and updated content. This is ongoing.

Rolling edition 22 - February 2008

I have begun to publish a number pages about aspects of religions and gods, starting with pages previously published elsewhere. (I speak as an atheist).

Rolling edition 21 - July/August 2007

There are now a number of extra articles about HD Photo, Microsoft's image file format that is likely to become JPEG XR in future.

Edition 20 - July 2006

This adds a new gallery, using a new informal "magazine" mixture of words and photographs:

Rolling edition 19 - June 2006

For the last few months, I have been publishing several articles about DNG, Adobe's Digital Negative Format. I've revised these significantly on 27 May 2006:

Rolling edition 18 - October 2005

This provides a significant update to "Physiograms":

Minor edition 17 - January 2005

This updates articles on "HTML Tables", and adds a new page Commentary on "Table Manners".

Rolling edition 16 - October 2004

This adds 2 related new galleries, including my first ever attempt at abstract effects using filter effects in Photoshop.

A small series of articles about the production of the physiograms in these galleries was added.

Edition 15 - July 2004

This adds several new photographs, including a new gallery and additions to existing galleries.

Rolling edition 14 - January to June 2004

Many articles about web development were added and updated on an irregular basis during this period.

Edition 13 - January 2004

This version replaces the page formats used for many of the non-photographic pages in order to be more flexible and colourful.

Edition 12 - December 2003

This includes the odd extra photograph.

It has some articles about the web.

The navigation buttons have been made consistent across the entire site. Before, there were 3 different sets (for outer pages, business pages, and photography pages).

Edition 11 - September 2003

11a - 1st September 2003

This pretty well completes the facelift developed during August, with far more control in the style sheets.

Some photographs that had a temporary home here now have a permanent home at the new Birds and Animals .info web site, and have been removed from this web site. This is part of a process of judging whether wildlife photographs here have sufficient photographic merit as well as value to those interested in birds and animals. I want to avoid unnecessary duplication between these web sites. (Where the same photograph is shown on both web sites, the information accompanying them is different, because of the different audiences for the web sites).

11b - 11th September 2003

This was a minor housekeeping upgrade. It fine-tuned some of the details without any substantial additional material.

Edition 10 - August 2003

This edition revised the style of the whole web site in 3 stages:

10a - 3rd August 2003

This continued the facelift started in November 2002. All pages on the whole web site that don't display photographs have a consistent style. This includes the photography index page and the galleries, plus all "business activities" pages. This page is an example of the new style.

Some more photographs have been added to the "Seen in China" gallery.

10b - 6th August 2003

All the "info" pages have had a facelift, under the control of a CSS (style sheet). The details of all photographs have been reviewed and typically updated.

10c - 10th August 2003

All the photograph pages have had a major facelift, under the control of style sheets. There is now no use of pop-up windows to display photographs.

A "work in progress" portfolio now shows recent and experimental photographs that have not yet found a place in a proper gallery. This has replaced the previous much more limited "visions of the future" slot.

Edition 9 - 1st February 2003

The "info" pages for the "Glamour & figure" gallery have been completed.

Edition 8 - 14th November 2002

This continues a facelift of this web site.

The photography index page and the galleries are now under the control of Cascading Style Sheets (CSSs), which will make it easier to evolve this web site in future.

In time, all pages will be controlled by CSSs.

Edition 7 - 1st September 2002

The "Glamour & figure" gallery was uploaded, although the "info" pages were incomplete.

A "Birds" gallery was started from bird photographs already on the web site. (It will be extended in future).

Edition 6 - 1st May 2002

No new gallery this month.

The use of "pop up" windows for showing the photographs has been revised. The action on clicking is now:
  thumbnail: a 700-pixel version (on average less than 100 KB) opens in its own ("pop-up") window.
  500: a 500-pixel version (on average less than 50 KB) opens in the current window.
  700: a 700-pixel version which opens in the current window
  info: a page in the current window shows the original form after scanning plus information about the photograph & its subject.

Edition 5 - 1st April 2002

The "Wildlife in Kenya" gallery was completed.

All thumbnails were replaced with versions sharpened using "unsharp mask".

For all galleries, from the "info" pages the photographs open in the same page, not as pop-ups.

"Alt" text equivalent to page titles has been added to all the thumbnails.

"Alt" text identifying species names has been added to all "Wildlife in ..." photographs.

This "History" page was added.

Edition 4 - 1st March 2002

The "Wildlife in Kenya" gallery was started.

For this gallery, from the "info" pages the photographs open in the same page, not as pop-ups.

Edition 3 - 1st February 2002

The "Butterflies" gallery was added.

The "Photography" component of the domain was restructured as a self-contained web site.

The Site map was added.

This edition included a face-lift - less obtrusive buttons, more harmonious text colours, etc.

Edition 2 - January 2002

This edition was in 2 stages:

2a - 1st January 2002

The "Landscape and light" gallery was added.

Pop-up windows were now tailored to the size of the photograph, and the thumbnail photograph were now the 700-pixel version.

2b - 19th January 2002

All photographs were replaced with versions sharpened using "unsharp mask".

Edition 1 - 1st December 2001

The "Barry Pearson" domain was launched, with a "photography" subsection within it which was not self-contained. Detailed revisions were made to the colour scheme over the first few days.

The "Wildlife in the Galapagos Islands" gallery was added. (2009: it has been superseded).

The "Seen in China" gallery was added. (2009: it has been superseded).

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