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Several of the articles below were published during the "table wars" in 2003/04, when many proponents of CSS-positioning took an extreme anti-table stance. Their claims often didn't stand up to scrutiny, as they could easily have checked for themselves. While I was examining their claims, I discovered that using simple layout-tables made a lot of sense, and that tables could be flexible when styled and positioned using CSS.

For amusement, I wrote all of these articles using tableless, CSS-positioned, templates I designed in 2003. I typically use CSS-positioning, but I see no reason why people without sufficient knowledge to do this should be discouraged from using simple layout-tables.

Layout tables versus CSS positioning

6 articles discussing the value of layout tables:

Separation of content and presentation

4 articles discussing the separation of content from presentation:

Extreme styling for tables

It is possible to do astonishing things with simple tables using valid CSS and no active content. In the rush to impose tableless-layouts on the world, the power of tables had been neglected. Here is proof.

2 articles & many pages about laying-out tables:

Text on the web

4 articles discussing the specification of font properties:



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